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How to Use Instagram to Build Your Business

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Instagram is a mobile-based app used for sharing app.  However, over the last few years, it has proven to be an important tool for businesses.  Most people tend to think that Instagram is only good for promoting the hotel, food or travel industry.  This could not be further from the truth. On the contrary, it works well for branding any kind of business.  In fact, without Instagram, no matter how good your business is, it might end up fading into the background.  However, if you do have any experience with the application, you should probably take some time to familiarize yourself with it before you start using it.

Understand the Demographic Variables

The first step in understanding Instagram is to understand who are using it.  According to recent studies, Instagram is skewed towards young urban women of between 18 and 34 years.  However, the good thing about the app is that it is still growing.  As a result, most people who have already joined the application are unlikely to leave.  In addition, the apps demographic has been growing steadily over the past few years.  If your business is targeted towards people between 18 and 40 years, this app will work just fine.  This is because the users are also likely to spread the word about your business through talking to their friends.

Using Instagram Features

The Instagram app allows users to do many interesting things.  For one, there is the option to directly message people. One may also post photos or short videos.  There is also the use of hashtags. A  small business would do well to ride on some this hashtags.  As a result, when people click on a hashtag, they may come across the business.  Since the Instagram app allows one to post pictures and short videos, this would be a great way to build the brand image and enhance reputation building.

When using pictures and shorts to build your brand, it is important to take as much time to create high-quality pictures and videos.  Most pictures on Instagram are of very good quality. If one posts low-quality staff that is poorly edited, it might actually ruin the business’ brand.  This is because users on the app will have the opportunity to compare it to the competition, who will have posted better quality content.

Building the Brand on Instagram

One of the easiest ways of setting your business apart from the competition is to personalize it.  People appreciate a business more when there is a human face to it.  Using professional models may not always be the best option.  A good way to market the brand would be to post behind the scenes images.  In this way, the consumers of your product have a better understanding of what they purchase.  This is especially for some sensitive consumers, who may have heard rumors about a brand.

Another way of personalizing the brand is to include some of the employees.  In this, consumers who visit business premises will remember someone they saw in an Instagram photo.  This personalizes the entire experience for them. A business is more likely to win customer loyalty in this way. It is important that pictures of such employees be taken as they are having fun. People relate better to positive emotions. Sometimes it seems like you must have a huge amount of focus, but once you get the hang of things, it will come easier to you.

Include Your Customers into the Business

One of the easiest ways of growing a business on Instagram is to include customers into the entire experience.  This can be done in the form of brochures or on the menus if the business is a restaurant.  Simply give them a hashtag and ask them to share photos of the business on the Instagram.  In this way, when their friends click on the hashtag, they are shown more content related to the business.  When creating such a hashtag, take the time to be as unique as possible.  A generic hashtag will not do much for the business.

Respond to Issues

When someone asks something about the business, make sure there is someone to respond.  A business is likely to win more customers if they feel their issues are being responded to.  This is a common mistake by most businesses.

Growing a business through Instagram is quite easy.  This few tips and tricks should work well. Another way one may grow their business is to pay for the advertising.  However, for those on a tight budget, this might not be the best option.

What Links are Best for SEO Link Building?

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Link building is one of the most important and most difficult parts of search engine optimization. The purpose of link building is to help connect your website to another website with more authority. Authority websites are considered those that have strong presence for providing quality content on the Internet. Most often these websites represent brands, large businesses, educational organizations, or specialty sites. Authority sites tend to add more content more often. This means that search engines will crawl them more often to index the information. When your website is connected to one of these sites through link building, it directs the search engine to crawl your site as well.

SEO gurus agree that link building is one of the hardest practices but also the most beneficial. The entire process is about balancing the right kind of links with the type of results you want to achieve. When the concept of link building first came out we saw many companies generating large quantities of articles into generic content sites like e-zine At first, linking your site to these generic articles, whether the topics were related or not, boosted website traffic. As we know, more traffic equals more business.

Then Google changed the game when it released its first big search engine update. Suddenly websites that had overused back linking to generic articles saw a drop in their site rankings. Over the years search engines like Google have continued to change the way that they assess websites for ranking purposes. Today, it is important that your website be linked to high quality, relevant content that supports the message you are trying to stand and your products.

For example, the health and wellness industry is huge today. Let’s say that you have a website that targets a product like this one that reviews the height growth supplement – growth factor plus and information about the supplement. While your website’s main focus is to talk about this high-growth product, it will also provide information about similar products, and studies that support the information provided. All of this content can be linked to various authority sites such as personal trainer sites, publish medical journals, and even popular fitness related magazines like

As you continue to post new content relevant to the specific niche you are working in and link your content to similar or supporting content on authority sites, you build a web across the inter-web. Link building helps you build this web bigger. The bigger your web the bigger presence you have online and the more credible your website themes. As a result, search engines value your site and your content and rank you higher in page listings. Resulting in more business, more customers, and more money.

Keyword optimization in SEO content writing

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As a business owner, you probably know what search engine optimization (SEO) is

but do you know how important SEO truly is?

Not only do a majority of consumers run search engine searches through Google, this

is the main search method which most people use when they are looking for a

product or service online.

Your goal for your onsite SEO should be to put your business website at the top of

the first page of search results. If your site does not rank on the top page, or top two

pages of the search results, it is highly likely that you are losing out on potential

business, and that many people are never even going to know your business and

your site exists.

For search engine optimization to help your site, you need to properly optimize your

site. This means adding the right keywords and phrases to your site, with the right

patterns of optimization. For example, for a site which sells products such as weight

loss aids, protein supplements, and other health and fitness products, you have to

consider the right key phrases and words to add to your site. Some of the words you

may want to consider adding include: health, protein, supplements, exercise, training

videos, Rip60 suspension training, and other words which are related to your type of


Not only are people going to run searches for these terms, but if they appear on your

site naturally, the search engines are going to notice this, and your site will rank

higher for the different terms which are found on your site, and are properly spread

through your site page.

You need to do your research and determine which keywords are the best fit for

your site and which ones have the lowest competition. Keyword competition is a

major factor for actually getting your site to page one and seeing those sales start to

roll in. Taking the time to find keywords with the highest volume to competition ratio

can make all the difference between mediocre sales and off the chart sales.

It is not enough to add the right terms however. Sure, adding Rip60 and other names

of training products you sell will help, but search engine optimization doesn’t end

with proper keyword and phrase use. You will also want to include back links on your

site to popular and trusted industry leaders in your niche. Further, including video

content, including social media content, and properly developing and maintaining

your site, is also going to help you to increase site rank.

The more you know about SEO, the more your site is optimized for the right terms

and phrases, and the better your site operates, the easier it is going to be for your

potential consumers and target audience to find your site and buy your products.

Periscope, Will it Work for You?

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The latest craze on the market today is Periscope.  “Scoping” is when you let people into your world by letting them see what you are doing.  It is sort of like face time, only your followers just watch you.  They can comment and ask you questions that you will see pop up on the screen.  It’s a way to get close to the people who are interested in what you are throwing out there.  I follow quite a few Periscopers out there.  Most of them pertain to business and learning new tricks of the trade.  You can follow Periscopes that pertain to numerous topics, such as Dermefface Fx7, Marketing, Dieting and Travel to name a few.  Whatever your interest is, there is probably a Periscope for you to follow.  If not already, there will be very soon.


Pod Casting – Will It Work For You?

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There are a lot of different ways you can connect with you audience these days.  One of which is pod casting.  Pod casting is a great way for your followers to get a real glimpse at you via your voice.  You can go over numerous types of things while pod casting such as:

  • What projects you are currently working on.
  • What events you are attending in the future.
  • Where you see your business going.
  • What your future travel plans are.
  • How you manage to get things done.
  • What items you outsource.

That is just a few.  You can even mention affiliate marketing projects you are working on ie. There is endless possibilities.  Stay tuned for my next post regarding one of the latest crazes out there, Periscope.



Keeping Content “Fresh”

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There are lot’s of ways to make sure that you are keeping current with the content on your site.  You can check other websites for the most up to date information.  There are also many blogs out there and solopreneur types that can provide you with a lot of information.  SEO is constantly changing and its best to join in different groups in order to keep your site as “fresh” as possible.  You can always use a boost when it comes to keeping up with the latest when it comes to SEO.  We spend at least 10 hours per week doing research into the latest “tricks of the trade” when it comes to SEO.  I also keep any affiliate type of sites, such as up to date by checkout out similar sites that are out there.  It doesn’t take much time, and looking “fresh” is very important.