Link building is one of the most important and most difficult parts of search engine optimization. The purpose of link building is to help connect your website to another website with more authority. Authority websites are considered those that have strong presence for providing quality content on the Internet. Most often these websites represent brands, large businesses, educational organizations, or specialty sites. Authority sites tend to add more content more often. This means that search engines will crawl them more often to index the information. When your website is connected to one of these sites through link building, it directs the search engine to crawl your site as well.

SEO gurus agree that link building is one of the hardest practices but also the most beneficial. The entire process is about balancing the right kind of links with the type of results you want to achieve. When the concept of link building first came out we saw many companies generating large quantities of articles into generic content sites like e-zine At first, linking your site to these generic articles, whether the topics were related or not, boosted website traffic. As we know, more traffic equals more business.

Then Google changed the game when it released its first big search engine update. Suddenly websites that had overused back linking to generic articles saw a drop in their site rankings. Over the years search engines like Google have continued to change the way that they assess websites for ranking purposes. Today, it is important that your website be linked to high quality, relevant content that supports the message you are trying to stand and your products.

For example, the health and wellness industry is huge today. Let’s say that you have a website that targets a product like this one that reviews the height growth supplement – growth factor plus and information about the supplement. While your website’s main focus is to talk about this high-growth product, it will also provide information about similar products, and studies that support the information provided. All of this content can be linked to various authority sites such as personal trainer sites, publish medical journals, and even popular fitness related magazines like

As you continue to post new content relevant to the specific niche you are working in and link your content to similar or supporting content on authority sites, you build a web across the inter-web. Link building helps you build this web bigger. The bigger your web the bigger presence you have online and the more credible your website themes. As a result, search engines value your site and your content and rank you higher in page listings. Resulting in more business, more customers, and more money.