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Keyword optimization in SEO content writing

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As a business owner, you probably know what search engine optimization (SEO) is

but do you know how important SEO truly is?

Not only do a majority of consumers run search engine searches through Google, this

is the main search method which most people use when they are looking for a

product or service online.

Your goal for your onsite SEO should be to put your business website at the top of

the first page of search results. If your site does not rank on the top page, or top two

pages of the search results, it is highly likely that you are losing out on potential

business, and that many people are never even going to know your business and

your site exists.

For search engine optimization to help your site, you need to properly optimize your

site. This means adding the right keywords and phrases to your site, with the right

patterns of optimization. For example, for a site which sells products such as weight

loss aids, protein supplements, and other health and fitness products, you have to

consider the right key phrases and words to add to your site. Some of the words you

may want to consider adding include: health, protein, supplements, exercise, training

videos, Rip60 suspension training, and other words which are related to your type of


Not only are people going to run searches for these terms, but if they appear on your

site naturally, the search engines are going to notice this, and your site will rank

higher for the different terms which are found on your site, and are properly spread

through your site page.

You need to do your research and determine which keywords are the best fit for

your site and which ones have the lowest competition. Keyword competition is a

major factor for actually getting your site to page one and seeing those sales start to

roll in. Taking the time to find keywords with the highest volume to competition ratio

can make all the difference between mediocre sales and off the chart sales.

It is not enough to add the right terms however. Sure, adding Rip60 and other names

of training products you sell will help, but search engine optimization doesn’t end

with proper keyword and phrase use. You will also want to include back links on your

site to popular and trusted industry leaders in your niche. Further, including video

content, including social media content, and properly developing and maintaining

your site, is also going to help you to increase site rank.

The more you know about SEO, the more your site is optimized for the right terms

and phrases, and the better your site operates, the easier it is going to be for your

potential consumers and target audience to find your site and buy your products.