A periscope can be a very fundamental tool to any business especially in the current phase of technology where people can hardly spend a day without using internet. This live-streaming app allows the business persons to broadcast live video from either their smart phone or tablets. This tool plays a very crucial role as far as marketing is concerned. In addition, this app will benefit the business through the following ways:

Offer live product demonstration

The periscope boosts the launching of a product within a very short time. This is because it allows the product demonstration video to reach various online potential target groups. As a matter of fact, this will create a strong sense of anticipation by the viewers hence making the product being known and gain popularity in the shortest time possible.

Offer behind-the-scenes Glances

This unique app allows the business to offer the “behind-the-scenes” actions that will create a sense of involvement and also togetherness within the customers hence making them feel like the actual insiders. Offering the behind-the-scenes video actions of the product will make the customers feel like they have most of the insider intelligence. This may have a positive shift to the customers’ general awareness of the product.

Offer pre-release Demos

The video feature can also play a pivotal role as business persons can use to create a sense of excitement within the customers. This will spark their desire to wait the “soon-to-be-released” brand. The “coming soon” descriptions about your brand can hence be broadcast using this app.

A data analysis company, PresicionHawk, used the Periscope to provide a flight demo of its new drone collection. This created a very significant impact since it builds the customers anticipation and this translates to intense customer interaction during the actual launching of the brand.

Use it for Help Desk Purpose

Company/customer relation is a crucial factor to consider in case one which to see its business rise. The company can translate the concerns of the customers into video tutorials. Also, it can offer “how-to’ videos that will help customers as some of the basic concepts will have been demonstrated about the product. The overall customer service can indirectly be boosted by this live-streaming app.

Enabling a Business Connection With Potential Influences

Periscope allows a business person to connect with potential influences in that specific industry. To enhance a better connection between you and them, regularly show up to their online broadcasts, comment positively as well as participate in the asking of intelligent and relevant questions.

Needless to say, tuning to specific broadcasts is very simple! First ensure that the notification is turned on, and then identify the specific people you wish to connect to then mute all but them.

Other ways a Periscope can boost your business include:

  • build your mailing list more conveniently
  • offer annunciation of flash sales


Indeed, a Periscope is an essential tool whose time has really come. A lot of positive impacts are going to be accrued by businesses that have adopted this app. This is because almost all its features are seemingly customized to enhance business persons to use it in boosting their business performance in a variety of ways they deem fit.